365 Photos

365 Photos

Today I spent my time with a good friend, Naomi.

We met about six years ago at Christian camp Grapevine in Lincoln (now One Event), and when I moved to London she invited me along to her church, Westminster Chapel.

Since then I have stayed on at Chapel and have enjoyed getting better friends with Naomi.

Today, we went around taking photos for a list which her brother-in-law wrote. Naomi’s camera was a proper old school film camera, so she had to take the photos sparingly and couldn’t see how they turned out straight away.

Naomi knows I took this photo, but will probably kill me for posting it.

Anyway, this is a public thank you to Naomi for getting back in touch with me and inviting me along to Chapel. I am so glad she did and am very excited for her engagement to Ben. I really wish them all the best and look forward to the big day next year.

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