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365 Photos

It’s official! Surely it’s spring now? The ice cream van was down at Twickenham Embankment today, which must mean summer is round the corner!

This ice cream van is a regular against the shores of the Thames in Twickenham and I saw it a lot last summer.

He obviously thought it was warm enough to come down and sell some frozen deserts by Eel Pie Island. And he was right to! People were buying them and there was a steady stream of punters.

I didn’t buy one on the way to or from my lunch, but I did have an ice cream this evening when the young people and young professional CLGs met up at Chapel.

Spring is here!

Now Playing: Ice Cream by Battles featuring Matias Aguayo

Bonus: You might recognise the melody in this if you listen to Absolute Radio enough. It plays in one of their regular promos to encourage you to listen whilst logged in.

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