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It’s not often that I get involved publicly, or voice my political opinion openly, but I thought today was a good a day as any to do so.

Since I’ve been able to vote, I’ve always made sure that I’m registered to vote wherever I am. This year is no different.

We have an amazing opportunity here in the UK to vote, when others around the world still don’t have the right to vote. So I think it’s only right for us to use it.

I’m also sure there’s a biblical reason to vote. We have an opportunity to appoint people who we believe can make a difference, for good. Whether they do or not is a different matter, but we can be part of the process of choosing them.

I sincerely hope that people did go out and vote today. I don’t particularly mind who people voted for, just that they do it if they can.

On a much more simplistic turn of thought; if you didn’t vote, you can’t really complain about local government because you weren’t part of it when they asked you to be!

love this remix of La La La by the way.

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