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365 Photos

The Weekend Away with Westminster Chapel’s Students and 20s was AMAZING!

It was so great to spend time with this group of people.

I felt like I got to know them a bit better and spend more time with them than just the 10/15 minute ‘hello’ on a Sunday.

Not only that, but I feel that I was challenged. Mostly in relation to how I spend my time; being a sloth and resting.

As I listened to Matt Hosier’s talk on sloth-ness, I could see things that I was doing in my day to day routine at work weren’t productive and were slowing me down.

And then during Iwan’s session on rest, I could see how rest is a gift from God and it’s very bad if we don’t do that! And I mean truly rest. Planning what I’m doing over the next week is not rest. Completely switching off from work and doing things which I find peaceful count as rest, both physically and mentally.

These are the two items which I’m going to be praying into and I am expectant of what God is able to do in my life through these two areas.

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