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In Costa earlier in the week, I was grabbing a cold drink when a guy comes in and asks if there’s any spare plugs about where he can plug in his phone to charge it.

He asks if there are any spare behind the counter, in the kitchen, in the office, anywhere.

It struck me that we take plugs in public places for granted. We don’t have a right to these plugs, it is a privilege. If there is a plug available, then don’t hog it and let others take a punt.

The gent in Costa was quite forceful and then said as he left “What about your competitors next door?” It’s not Costa’s fault they don’t have any and I don’t think they can be judged on the number of plugs they have publicly available.

I typically don’t try and make a fuss if my phone is dying. It’s my own fault for leaving my mobile data or bluetooth on all day.

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