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365 Photos

On Saturday, my friend Jen from Chapel ‘dared’ me to go to this new place she had discovered for a hair cut.

It’s called Hurwundeki in Cambridge Heath.

You pay £9 (£14 for ladies) for a 15 minute hair cut. When you arrive you put your name on a chalkboard and wait your turn.

I made the mistake of putting my name in pink, which meant it was a ladies haircut.

Either way, when it came to my turn, Jen said that I should let them do whatever they think suits me. So I told this Spanish gentleman and he seemed rather confused. His first reaction was “that’s a lot of hair”.

Either way, 15 mintues later, this is what I’ve ended up with!

Rather hipster, don’t you think.

Now Playing: I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) by Sandi Thom

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