365 Photos

365 Photos

Another wrist-bound gadget arrived in the post today.

This time there’s no face, no labels or anything especially electronic about it!

It’s called a bPay band, by Barclaycard.

As part of the British Summertime events in Hyde Park, Barclaycard are the sponsors and have setup many of the merchants with contactless payment machines. Meaning they can give these contactless payment wristband to event attendees and reap the rewards as we use them to pay for food and drink in Hyde Park.

It’s a neat idea, but as you can use it anywhere where there’s contactless payment (Pret, McDonald’s, Greggs, et al), there could be some confused faces from cashiers as you pay with a tap of the wrist. It’s not very conventional.

Still, it won’t stop me from giving it a go!

The packaging was quite impressive, yet simple. Here’s a few more photos.


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