365 Photos

365 Photos

What an epic day at Thorpe Park!

As we arrived, it was pouring with rain and we were in our rain coats, but by the time we got to Colossus it had reduced to very light rain.

Then the day just got better. The rain lifted and there were blue skies with the sun shining down upon us.

We went on nearly all the rides, and some of them even three times! Including The Swarm, and as you can see above, we made an effort for the on ride photograph opportunities. Here we were riding it backwards at the back of the coaster.

Tidal Wave was memorable because we were bone dry in the afternoon sun, and then got totally drenched. Like through to our underwear kind of wet.

To dry off we went on all kinds of rides, including the Storm In A Tetley Teacup. Here I got told off for doing a Snapchat on the ride. Oops!

We took on X, Saw The Ride and experienced the new Angry Birds 4D Experience. This was surprisingly enjoyable and was a nice surprise!

The best bit was probably that we could do whatever we wanted freely and used nearly the whole of the time we had available to us in the park. Queues for rides were about 15 mintues or less, and I think the longest we lined up for was Saw at 30 minutes.

It was awesome to spend time with Ben, who is such a great guy. We got to know each other better as well as have some cool experiences together. I can’t wait for his wedding with Naomi next summer!

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