365 Photos

365 Photos

To celebrate my 22nd birthday, I went to Legoland Windsor with my friends Christopher, Ellen and Jordan.

We had a whale of a time!

Upon arrival and using my Merlin Annual Pass to pay for discounted tickets, I was given a birthday badge. Throughout the day ride hosts then wished me a happy birthday. I even made a friend in a queue, when they also had a birthday badge.

We discovered that you can’t fit 4 adults into a Legoland log flume log, that you can race the boats around the Boating School and that Christopher is a terrible fire engine driver (he fell over when it stopped).

Going with a child was a little strange at the beginning, but we started noticing other groups that didn’t have young children with them either. So maybe it’s a secret club and acceptable to go to children’s theme parks without children?!

This photo was taken within the Miniland, at the NASA set. You may notice that some Storm Troopers and Yoda had taken it over.

We went to the Star Wars Miniland Experience as well, which was pretty cool.

Overall it was an awesome day and I can highly recommend it, even as an adult!

More photos from Legoland can be found here, on my Facebook.

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