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365 Photos

Friday night and it’s time for some entertainment!

A while ago I got hold of some free tickets to be in the audience for Channel 4’s The Last Leg.

So Grace and I, joined by my parent’s friends Craig and Michelle went to Riverside Studios in Hammersmith to watch the show live!

Here’s my 3 seconds of being on camera.

It was a great laugh before the show and during the adverts with the show’s warm up guy.


When they say the show is live, it is live from the studio. Apart from one bit at the top of the show. They record the walk in before the live transmission. This is because when it gets shown on ABC1 in Australia, they can’t use the title track harder than you think by Public Enemy, as ABC can’t afford the rights to the track.

I’ve been to a live show broadcast, but that was quite serious as it was Young Voters Question Time: Riot Special a few years back. But this was fast paced and so much fun to be a part of! If you can get along to a live TV broadcast, do it! Especially if you’ve got Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe, Alex Brooker and Noel Fielding in front of the cameras!

The main photo technically isn’t mine. Taken by Michelle whilst we were waiting to start.

Now Playing: harder than you think by Public Enemy

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