365 Photos

365 Photos

This title has two meanings.

One illustrates this picture. We’re in a time now where we take photos of just about anything and everything, especially when we’re at events (a bit like the point of this blog, I know). But we mostly do this to show are status. To let others know “Hey! I was here and you weren’t! See what you missed out on!”. Very rarely do we take some video footage of someone performing at a big gig then rewatch it back over and over. We take it, post it online then move on. It’s just a way to document where we were and then watch it a year later to revoke the amazing feelings that we felt at the time. There’s no way we’re moving on from this in the smartphone age, where cameras in our pockets will just get better and better.

Secondly, this reflects upon a word that Tony Cummings gave us. Myself (Media & Marketing), James (Visionary) and Nick (Production) sat with Tony from Cross Rhythms and chatted about what we were doing, how it came to be and fits amongst the current festival offerings.

One of the things that cropped up was that we are a unique offering and we felt that we had somehow restored his faith in the ‘Christian based’ music festivals in the UK. So there’s certainly a sense that we can’t go back and do a smaller event (well that sense for me anyway).

But who knows what the future may hold!

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