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Call me old, but I don’t get ‘loom bands’.

They’re obviously a fad, just like scented gel pens, Pokemon cards and ‘scooby doos’ (or scoubidou as their official name is) were all popular whilst I was at school/college.

But it struck me just how popular they were when I went to Bracknell today.

Inside The Works, we say this stand. Front and centre of the shop.

Packs of 300 bands were 99p, in all sorts of shapes and colours, which is less than a third of a pence a band. And in the shop window I saw 25,000 for £20; 0.0008p a band.

Call me crazy, but why would you spend £20 on a small elastic band?! Unless you had 25,000 tiny letters which you needed to attach to the legs of pigeons.

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