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365 Photos

The Royal Institution is home to the annual Christmas lectures, which my Dad encouraged me to watch as a young lad.

Today I visited it for the Next Radio conference, which is an annual event organised by James Cridland and Matt Deegan on the industry of broadcasting sound programmes to the public (a.k.a. radio).

I’ve been working with James and Matt for the past few months to sort out their conference app which we were asked to do at work.

It was a fantastic day of ideas and meeting up with like-minded people, all of whom have a great passion for radio.

If this sounds like the kind of event you would’ve liked, they are going to be putting videos of most of the sessions on their YouTube channel very soon.

And I have a feeling I might pop up in an occasional photo on their Flickr feed. I’m certainly in this photo any way. See if you can spot me!

Now Playing: H.A.P.P.Y. Radio by Edwin Star

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