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365 Photos

Earlier this week I told someone where I lived and they were in shock! It’s a very nice area, and a bit pricey.

A 1 bedroom flat down the road is currently on sale for £550,000.

I knew that I could see things from my place in Barnes, so I’ve now started a new series called What I Can See From My Place.

Today, it’s Wembley Stadium. As the crow flies, from my place to Wembley, it’s 5.41 miles, and on a clear day you can see the arch of the stadium. At night, it’s also possible to see the arch lit up. It’s recently been lit up pink for a Breast Cancer fundraiser and also had the England flag when the home team played there.

From Barnes to Wembley Stadium - 5.41 miles

I chose Muse for this photo, as according to Wikipedia;

On 16–17 June 2007, Muse became the first artist to sell out the new Wembley Stadium with a crowd of 180,000 fans in two nights.

Now Playing: Uprising by Muse

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