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Having rappers perform at conferences or crowds where their audience isn’t exactly who their music is aimed at, is always an awkward thing.

Today at the Christian New Media Conference (#cnmac14Faith Child performed Over Me, as part of the final session.

Throughout the rest of the day, we were invited to a variety of sessions on how Christianity can use ‘new media’ to spread the word of the Gospel.

I queried the use of the phrase ‘new media’, as a lot of what was spoken about, isn’t new at all; Twitter, Facebook and websites have been around for what feels like quite a while now. Admittedly, Snapchat, Instagram and Vine are platforms which have emerged even more in the last 12 months. But still, a lot of it should’ve been about how we can use these platforms to enhance our work in the Christian sphere. That’s what I expected anyway.

But as I asked the question, someone pointed out that some churches are only just discovering the media we’ve taken for granted for quite a while. Speaking to others, they confirmed this and noticed that whilst most were there to learn from others’ experiences with mediums, others were there just to learn about ‘twitting’ or ‘building’ a website with Wix.

The last time I went to the Christian New Media Conference was in 2011, at Imperial College London. I loved it back then and found it very useful. It seems very different now and has possibly taken a route I didn’t expect. For a start, it’s got a lot more production that previously and a much nicer venue!

Anyway, it was a good day over and I even met up with David, who I met at Staffordshire University. He was in the Stafford campus Christian Union, whilst I was in the Stoke campus CU.

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