365 Photos

365 Photos

Two things; 1) I bought a GoPro Hero today and 2) there was a pirate attraction and a massive shark at the Winter Wonderland experience.

Firstly, GoPro released the Hero camera in September this year. It’s a consumer, entry-level action camera and is only £99. The most dangerous thing about the camera is that it’s available at Argos at that price. It was an impulse buy for something I plan to do tomorrow. Of course, it actually led to two other purchases; a MicroSD card for it and the Tripod Mount for it, so I can use it on my GorillaPod.

Secondly, I took my GoPro to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland this afternoon. Last year, one of the things I noticed was rides that were clearly ‘summer’ rides, that had been themed for this event just by adding the word ‘winter’ or ‘snow’ to it. Grace and I came across the pictured ride; a pirate ‘fun house’ with a giant pirate and shark outside.

Christmas Shark anyone?

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