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365 Photos

Saturday night and my sister and mum are out partying, leaving my Dad, Pepsi and I at home.

Well we didn’t waste any time in having a lad’s night out, to the cinema.

Pizza Hut and Peterborough’s Showcase Cinema came a calling, where we watched the new Paddington movie.

Outside the cinema is a large, American style board that shows the films that are being shown. I believe the numbers are screen numbers and are to show which film is in which screen. But as there’s only 11 screens, I’m not sure it’s ever been accurate!

P.S. I’m not sure this Spotify track counts as a song as it’s 33 minutes long and comprises of Stephen Fry reading a lot… but if it’s on Spotify or YouTube, it counts here!

Now Playing: Paddington Bear by Stephen Fry

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