365 Photos

365 Photos

On Saturday I attended the Premier Digital Conference at The Brewery in London.

The event is put on my Premier Christian Radio every year. I’d attended a couple in previous years, but this was the first time since its new name and updated format.

It was a great day, focusing on Fake News, Gospel Truth.

I tweeted a lot over the day, including one of my most popular tweets of recent times.

The conference was actually why I restarted this project as well.

When I’ve been to other conferences, especially radio ones in European cities, I’ve discovered that many iOS device users have left their Airdrop settings open to “everyone” being able to drop them files or images.

I had an idea for this conference that I could share an Applicake branded image with those that had done so at #PremDAC17. Unfortunately (or fortunately), every time I checked with my iPad, no-one had their Airdrop open.

At least it shows there are some tech savy people at the conference!

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