365 Photos

365 Photos

This is my second attempt at a 365 Photo Blog. For a whole year, I will post a photo a day that depicts my life.

During my 2014 attempt, I succeeded in posting all the photos. You can still view them here.* I have full confidence that I will be able to do it again this time.

I’m intrigued to find out how it will pan out this time round. Several things are different; I’m married, have American family, help lead a life group and now live in a different part of Greater London.

But many things are still the same, including how this blog will work.

The Rules

The only rules are the ones I make up, and obviously can change any time I wish (should I find that it’s too difficult).

  • The photos can be taken by me or include me. Photos taken by other people, that don’t include me, don’t count.
  • I don’t have to have taken the photo on the day I post it. Quite often I will post photos within a few days of them being taken, or even photos from the last few years. As long as they’re relevant and fit the other rules, then it will be fine.
  • No duplicates. I can’t post the same photo within the same 365 period. I will also try and not repeat any posts from last time!
  • Quantity over quality. The photos or posts themselves don’t have to be great quality. They might be just a few sentences, or longer posts like this one.
  • I can back date posts. Life happens, and I won’t always post each and every photo on the day I should. The wonderful power of a WordPress blog is that I can back date posts (and no-one will be none the wiser).

The Post Titles

You may have already noticed that each post title is actually a song. This is something I stumbled across last time and I think it works really well. It could articulate something in the photo, a story in the accompanying post or even just how I feel.

I’m doing this again now, and pulling together a Spotify playlist as we go.

As you may also notice, some of the songs are chosen purely for their title. That could be said of this post; I don’t consider myself a demigod like The Rock.

Follow Along

To save my friends and family from a barrage of posts every day on my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, I’ve created a Facebook Page and Twitter account just for this project.

You can find the Facebook Page here and follow it on Twitter here.

I will share some posts from my personal account occasionally, but they will only be the important ones.

I think one of the other aspects of the project is that now I have family across the Atlantic, they will be able to see much more of mine and Kathleen’s life. From what we enjoy doing with our friends to the strange island I work on…

If you have any feedback or comments, pop them on each of the individual posts, or message me on Twitter.

Until the next post…

Now Playing: You’re Welcome – Dwayne Johnson

* Some photos may not be there yet, as I recently move the whole thing, but I’m working on fixing it!

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