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365 Photos

Earlier this evening we celebrated Iwan’s 30th birthday with a 80s/90s themed party.

It was pretty awesome and I got complimented about the music choice several times.

I ended up having two playlists worth of music; general 80s music (pre/build up) and then the hit music.

The first playlist had 4 hours, 6 minutes worth (61 songs) and the second had 7 hours, 20 minutes (104 songs).

I didn’t get to play them all, obviously. Otherwise the party would’ve lasted about 13 hours!

But the experience has lead me to draft a blog post about music playlists at events and why it’s sometimes better to have a human picking the music as we go along, rather than letting iTunes/Spotify ‘shuffle’ them.

Now Playing: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Indeep

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